Thursday, April 29, 2010

Success At My Expense!

Welcome back to the world of blogging...

After months of slacking on my blog, I didn't think this would be my first subject to blog about. As most of my followers know, I'm a professional and I don't thrive on drama.

Well...I was informed by a friend/client this afternoon around noon that the same photographer, Stacy Martinez who has been using my Kreative ideas for almost 2 yrs now, is back at it again. Now I know you ask, how could she know about anything recent since this is my first blog in awhile? It's called Facebook! Her & I have the same circle of friends/clients due to our husbands that used to work together. So word of mouth is how she came across the same idea, holding a photography class as I've already announced
on April 19th @ 7:29pm on Facebook.
Here's what my post read: "DO YOU HAVE A CAMERA?...I've decided to hold a Basic Hands-on Photography Workshop. All Mommas that want to learn more about their cameras...this is for you! By the end of the session you will be shooting in Manual Mode with all Natural Light. Please contact me if you are interested or to hear more details=)"
Then again I posted this on FB on April 23rd @ 2:48pm: "TO ALL THE MOMS OUT THERE!! If you are interested my photography workshop...please contact me for all the details & pricing. Looking forward to meeting all of you soon=)"

Just to give you an idea of what I'm dealing her posts from Facebook as of today!
Posted on April 29th @ 11:38pm: "...will be offering a photography class for those with DSLR's. If your interested, please message me for info."
A comment she left after the post: "It's more for beginners. I was asked a while back if I would. After talking with my friends about it, I have decided to go ahead with it. Thanks Ashley and Alicja
And another on April 29th around 4:05pm: "Photographing a newborn today! Thanks for the interest in the class. I didn't think 8 would be interested. I will put together the info and send it out. Thanks you all!!"

Let's see how much more this grows???

Let me remind you, this is just the MOST recent idea she's taken and twisted to make it her own... and she always backs up the idea by saying, her friends convinced her to do it or once I call her out on it, she deletes the evidence. Hahaha.... It's been months since I've announce anything new and the first time I do, this is what happens. What kind of person does this, not professional at all. I have saved several of her price lists and such that she has published on her blog/facebook that I could post here to back up all my ideas she has used, but what for? All I wish is for her to be herself and take pride in her own me there's a bigger reward to success when you can claim it as your own. There's no reason for you to have to search online throughout other photographers websites to get ideas to make you feel better about yourself. My intentions of this blog is to get this her off my back and focus on her own ideas. I'm flattered that she is inspired by my work & success. I'm willing to help & offer advise to others, but not ones that take the shortcuts. I live my life honestly and I'm proud of my success. The difference between making a quick buck & a professional is having common courtesy to not copy others.

Thanks again to my family & clients for your support and for the words of encouragement through this unnecessary drama....hugs, Krista