Wednesday, August 25, 2010

1st Day of Kindergarten!!!

Here are the highlights from Big D's 1st day of Kindergarten!! I can not even describe his excitement this morning while waiting for that "Big Yellow Bus"... the photos below say it all!

1st complete lunch with lunch bag & drink bottle...

1st Big Boy Backpack, he wanted Orange again!!

I can still see my baby boy in those eyes!

This looks like an Ad for an outdoor company??

His arms say it all...the bus was finally in view!

Big D's "Big Yellow Bus"

He was the happiest little kid on our street=)

Photobucket YAY!!! He made it home safe... the look on his face says, "not another picture mom!"

He was proud of his 1st day Award!!
Way to go Big Guy... we are all very proud of you!
Hug. Kiss. Shake-n-Bake. High-5!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Official Announcement...I've Relocated!!!

So this is the official announcement to all my amazing Georgia Clients & Friends...we have relocated to North Carolina! I know everyone is wondering where I've been... it's been very nice not being in front of the computer for the past 2 months. I told myself earlier this year, once we move...I would take a backseat from work to spend time with my kids since it was my son's last summer before starting primary school. We truly love our new location... it brings a much more peaceful lifestyle than the metro city, I now hear the birds singing every morning. We are looking forward to beginning a huge project later this year...building our permanent family home. For now I'm tearing ideas out of magazines and making a "Must Have" list! After this recent move...I never want to move again... we have more crap than I thought!!

Get this Big D is entering Kindergarten tomorrow!!! I still can't believe it? He is extremely excited and can't wait to meet all the kids in his class. As he is my first baby... I'm not sure that I'm ready for all this yet. He's even talked me into letting him to ride the "Big Yellow Bus" to & from school, YIKES!!! We'll see how it goes...Ever since he was 2yrs. & I would drive him to preschool, he counted all the school buses on our way to school and asked why he couldn't ride the bus. I told him, once you are 5yrs. old then you can do that.... lets just say, he has a great memory! So starting tomorrow @ 6:58am he will be boarding the "Big Yellow Bus" & I'll be balling my eyes out from behind the know me, I've still gotta document the experience. LOL!!

I can't wait for next month's, Mommy's Get-a-Way with my 2 "BFFs"... only 20 Days to go!!!

Stay tuned=)

Hugs, krista

Thursday, May 20, 2010

HaPpY BiRtHdAy Big D!!!

So today our little guy turns 5! Where has the time gone?... seems like yesterday we were excited about welcoming him into this world. Now we are excited that he will be starting Kindergarten this up coming school year. Amazing isn't it? Until then, we will enjoy our time together this summer with FuN filled Adventures! Have a Fantastic 5th Birthday Bud...we LOVE you Bunches=)

Happy 5th Birthday!!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Happy MoThEr's DaY!!!

Happy Mother's Day to everyone!

We are back from a nice long weekend in Orlando, FL. The kids, my mom, & I went down to Disney for a nice & relaxing trip to celebrate my son's 5th Birthday...and everyone had a "Magical" time as they say!

Here are a few photos from last year's "Baking Memories with Mommy", Theme Shoot of my little ones & me. Just thought I'd share 'em again=) Being a mom is the GREATEST job of all time!!! Hope you too had a wonderful Mother's Day with your loved ones. Hugs~Krista


Monday, May 3, 2010

MWSM Workshop...

Today is a new day! I'm rising above everything and making the offical announcement of my workshop. Thanks to all for the continual love & support=)

After months of racking my brain on how to give back to many mothers who attend my Theme Shoots each month, I finally decided to offer a hands-on workshop to help them better understand the functions of a camera. This workshop is intended to improve everyday photos & special events you have as a family... such as holidays, birthday parties, or a day at the park or beach. I will cover the basics in ways to make this learning process as simple as possible. So if you're a mom that would like the title of, "Momma Who Shoots Manual", than this is for you! Please join me and a few other mothers that are eager to get their cameras out of Program Mode and into Manual. As most moms feel, we control every aspect of everyday life... so why should your camera be over powering you? Time to take control of your ISO, Shutter Speed, & f/s=)

Here are the dates I'm holding the 1st MWSM "Momma Who Shoots Manual" Workshop
Tuesday, May 18th & Saturday, May 22nd.
Please contact me if you are interested, I'm keeping each session to a minimum so slots are limited.

MWSM Workshop

Hugs ~ Krista

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Success At My Expense!

Welcome back to the world of blogging...

After months of slacking on my blog, I didn't think this would be my first subject to blog about. As most of my followers know, I'm a professional and I don't thrive on drama.

Well...I was informed by a friend/client this afternoon around noon that the same photographer, Stacy Martinez who has been using my Kreative ideas for almost 2 yrs now, is back at it again. Now I know you ask, how could she know about anything recent since this is my first blog in awhile? It's called Facebook! Her & I have the same circle of friends/clients due to our husbands that used to work together. So word of mouth is how she came across the same idea, holding a photography class as I've already announced
on April 19th @ 7:29pm on Facebook.
Here's what my post read: "DO YOU HAVE A CAMERA?...I've decided to hold a Basic Hands-on Photography Workshop. All Mommas that want to learn more about their cameras...this is for you! By the end of the session you will be shooting in Manual Mode with all Natural Light. Please contact me if you are interested or to hear more details=)"
Then again I posted this on FB on April 23rd @ 2:48pm: "TO ALL THE MOMS OUT THERE!! If you are interested my photography workshop...please contact me for all the details & pricing. Looking forward to meeting all of you soon=)"

Just to give you an idea of what I'm dealing her posts from Facebook as of today!
Posted on April 29th @ 11:38pm: "...will be offering a photography class for those with DSLR's. If your interested, please message me for info."
A comment she left after the post: "It's more for beginners. I was asked a while back if I would. After talking with my friends about it, I have decided to go ahead with it. Thanks Ashley and Alicja
And another on April 29th around 4:05pm: "Photographing a newborn today! Thanks for the interest in the class. I didn't think 8 would be interested. I will put together the info and send it out. Thanks you all!!"

Let's see how much more this grows???

Let me remind you, this is just the MOST recent idea she's taken and twisted to make it her own... and she always backs up the idea by saying, her friends convinced her to do it or once I call her out on it, she deletes the evidence. Hahaha.... It's been months since I've announce anything new and the first time I do, this is what happens. What kind of person does this, not professional at all. I have saved several of her price lists and such that she has published on her blog/facebook that I could post here to back up all my ideas she has used, but what for? All I wish is for her to be herself and take pride in her own me there's a bigger reward to success when you can claim it as your own. There's no reason for you to have to search online throughout other photographers websites to get ideas to make you feel better about yourself. My intentions of this blog is to get this her off my back and focus on her own ideas. I'm flattered that she is inspired by my work & success. I'm willing to help & offer advise to others, but not ones that take the shortcuts. I live my life honestly and I'm proud of my success. The difference between making a quick buck & a professional is having common courtesy to not copy others.

Thanks again to my family & clients for your support and for the words of encouragement through this unnecessary drama....hugs, Krista

Monday, December 28, 2009

Valentine's Theme Shoot-Savannah, GA Photographer

Announcing my first Theme Shoot of 2010...

This shoot will be held on Saturday, January 30th from 10am-1:00pm.
Please be sure to sign up early to ensure your time slot. If more slots are needed, I'll consider scheduling time slots on Sunday the 31st.

Remember: For every friend you referr to a Theme Shoot, you will receive a complimentary 4x6 print with your Print Order! Spread the word=)