Friday, June 6, 2008

Storyboards & Collages

the [ kids ] storyboard...$75.00

This is a 10x20 storyboard I designed for little Miss Katie! These are great for kids rooms, very hip and stylish. These can be designed with any fonts, colors, and photos that best express your child's personality.

the storyboard...$75.00

Here is a 10x20 storyboard I designed for Baby C !
This is a perfect way to display your absolute favorites from your photo session.
You also have 26 definition words to choose from or you may just want your child's name or your family's last name to be added at the top or bottom. What a beautiful piece of art to display of your child. I truly love these and they seem to be very popular!!! I'll be happy to help narrow down your favorites and design the perfect storyboard that is absolutely priceless...

the collage... 10x10 $100 & 20x20 $115

Now this is my favorite! The [ collage kreation ] is designed either as a 10x10 or 20x20. This is a wonderful way to display up to 9 of your favorite photos. You may also use a definition word, child's name, or use a quote of your choice to be place in the center of the collage (only using 8 photos). These too are popular and capture babies from head to toe!

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