Tuesday, September 2, 2008

1st Day of School...

So today was my little boy's 1st day of preschool as a 3yr old! He was extremely excited this morning after I woke him up around 7:15am with the line from the movie Finding Nemo... "first day of school, first day of school, time to get up". All he could do was laugh with his eyes still closed. It actually brought tears to my eyes by the way he reacted to my morning wake up line. It's hard to believe he is in his last year of preschool before pre-K, I guess they DO grow-up fast? Our morning went rather smoothly & I was able to take some great shots of him in our front yard. I must say, he is a "Poser". He just loves for me to take pictures of him & then being able to view all of the photos afterwards is so rewarding to him. Now below are several from today's Preschool Photo Shoot... they all turned out so good which made it even harder to choose my favorites. Anywho, here they are, My 3 Year Old "Tanner Bananer"! EnJoY...




A pair of Chuck Taylor Converse shoes: $20 dollars

A Pottery Barn BackPack: $35.00 dollars

A Happy 3 yr old boy: priceless...



Anonymous said...

Our lil' TannerNananer' is priceless. I just know one day walking thru the mall I'm going to see him in a Gap, Pottery Barn or some major store's advertisement. Who could resist him?

Of course I'm a little prejudice!

aspired kreations photography said...

Thanks for your kind words.
I'd love to see the samething... he is advertisement material, at least I think so too! Plus, he wears GAP clothes majority of the time anyways. He actually enjoys shopping & having his picture taken these days.