Monday, January 19, 2009

"One" Happy Birthday Girl...

Look who is ONE year old Baby Girl! Where has this first year gone? I guess keeping up with 2 children is more challenging than sitting back and capturing all those first baby moments, like I did with my son. However, I managed to capture every month of her life from behind my camera and held a mini photo shoot for her each month. So now without are my favorites of her, enjoying her very own Birthday Cake! She totally got into this birthday thing...from the icing... to the cake... to the mess... & finally to the BATHTUB!!!

Happy 1st Birthday Sweet Pea... we love you!








Noele Marie said...

Beautiful pictures of a beautiful baby girl!!

Stephanie said...

So cute, I forgot her birthday was this month.

Chicki said...

Happy Birthday Lil' Missy! We love you!

Krista said...

Gosh, I still can't believe she is a year old already. I'm so glad I captured these of her. I enjoyed sharing these with everyone on here, thanks for all the emails & comments! hugs~Krista

Anonymous said...

Love them all! Can't wait to have them on my picture frame...hint...hint!!! Can't believe our lil' Butterball is ONE! Of course they all turned out great...but wouldn't expect any less given her parents and you behind the camera!

Love ya' M