Wednesday, October 22, 2008

A Wedding with Scarlett Lillian!

So back in September, I spent a day with Scarlett and I thought that was a chance of a lifetime. Well, just last week she asked me to shoot a wedding with her, and all I could say was, WOW!!! You bet, I'll be there! Come Thursday, I loaded up my mommy mobile with the kids and we headed to Jacksonville.

First-on Friday, I met with an old friend, Shannon who is also a photographer in Jacksonville and it was great being able to share tips & advise with one another. I have made & reconnected with some great friends in this photography industry and it's nice to be able to Network back & forth. Even though time has passed- here Shannon years ago was my cheerleading coach & Scarlett was a friend from high's crazy to think how small this world really is??? Thanks to Shannon for keeping me on track!

And now, The Wedding...
Last Saturday, Amy & Joe were married in St. Augustine, FL at The Oldest House. The day started out rather early at the Casa Monica Hotel & then ended at The Llambias House for an outdoor reception. Everything was beautiful from the Bride to the flowers to even the smallest of details. What a privilege this was, to shoot a Wedding with Scarlett Lillian.

Here are a couple Sneak Peeks from the Wedding...Photobucket


Scarlett, I can't thank you enough girl. You give so many photographers the inspiration & motivation to Dream Big! You are Fabulous!~ hugs...Krista

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