Thursday, April 23, 2009

Savannah, GA-THEME SHOOT Photographer

Father's Day THEME SHOOT!!!

Okay, I've had several requests about this shoot and questions as well. To clear up the difference between "A Day in Daddy's Shoes" & "A Day in Daddy's Boots" this is what my envision is... dressing your Little Sprouts in the attire that reflects Daddy's work profession. Whether it's a business profession like a dress shirt, tie, & dress shoes or a service uniform such as military, police/rescue, or anything in between. The bigger the clothing & props, the cuter this will be. What a great gift to surprise him with or feel free to bring Daddy along for some casual shots with the kids too...I'm open to anything you throw my way. Unlike my Theme Shoots in the past, this particular shoot will be indoor and for location information & to book your time slot, please email me soon to ensure a time that works best for your little ones.


Remember: For every friend you refer to a Theme Shoot, you will receive a complimentary 4x6 print with your print order! I look forward to meeting new sprout faces each month, hope to see you there! hugs...krista

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