Monday, September 14, 2009

Hot Momma Shoot-Savannah, GA Photographer

Okay, ladies I know you all have been anxiously awaiting...

I'm announcing my last Hot Momma Shoot for 2009 on Saturday, November 7th!!! Please don't hesitate to sign up, availability is limited so contact me soon for all the HOT details and location. I'm very excited to get you in front of my cammy strutting your stuff. So grab your sexiest pair of's time to bring your "SEXY" back!





Noele Marie said...


annayjo said...

aBsoLuteLy Love krIsTa's StyLe!! ALL thE piCs in YoUr siTe iS sO cuTe, sExY and freSh! i'M hoPinG to sEt up a sEssiOn sOon! maYbe a HoT sInglEs shOot wiLl haPpen sOon.. wiNk wiNk.. ^.< keke keEp uP thE aWeSomeneSs!!