Tuesday, September 15, 2009

JenJac's Restorations- Savannah, GA Photographer

So here is something new to add to my portfolio...custom car shots! I must say, I don't know much about restoration/custom work, but once I spent the morning around these beautiful pieces of art, I was fascinated by the workmanship and quality. I learned that Alan Jackson purchased a Red Chevelle from JenJac's and I think that speaks volume! JenJac's is located in Garden City, GA.
Here are some highlights from the shoot!






Amber said...

OMG! I love theses shots! My first car was a '67 Mustang with a black top.... oh the memories. I only wish I had shots of it like these!

Tanika L. said...

That black SS is such a "hard" car...it is HOTT!!!!...loving the angles...

Aspired Kreations Photography said...

Aren't these cars so cool! This is something my hubby would love one day...an old car that has so much character, yet a classic! Thanks for the support ladies...my 1st car was a 1995 Saturn!! LOL, but I loved it:)